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Take a look at some of my ongoing projects, finished photosets, and previews of future projects!



Guatemala b&w-22.jpg

Guatemala photostory

This is an ongoing project of mine that I’ve been working on with the Maya Itzá indigenous community in Guatemala alongside my dad and our friend Rob Green. See some of the photos I’ve taken over the past couple of years, along with a short clip of an interview with Don Reginaldo, the founder of BioItzá and one of the last native speakers of the Mayan Itzá language.



Fernson Fest 2018-67.jpg

Fernson Fest 2018

See my photos from Fernson’s annual event at their brewery in Sioux Falls.

That Sounds Decent-93.jpg

That sounds decent 2018

See my photos of Soulcrate’s final performance and more at That Sounds Decent 2018.

The Gauntlet-59.jpg

The Gauntlet 2018

See my photos of The Gauntlet hosted by Circuit Fitness.