select publications:


National Geographic Your Shot

Michael’s work is featured in the Editors’ Spotlight as “Photo of the Day” and showcased on the National Geographic Your Shot Instagram page.



Backpacker Hidden Gems: 100 Greatest Undiscovered Hikes Across America 

Michael's work is featured in this Backpacker Magazine branded book by Maren Horjus.




Michael and his work have been featured by PassionPassport, a community-based travel guide and resource.



Middlebury Geographic

Michael's work has been featured in several issues of Middlebury Geographic, a student publication at Middlebury College. He has contributed a combination of photographs and original writing.



The Middlebury Campus

Michael was Photos Editor for the Middlebury Campus newspaper for three and a half years during his time as a student at Middlebury College. He worked alongside several other photo editors and the Campus editorial board to delegate and lay out photos and photo stories, regularly contributing his own work for each weekly publication.



Addison County Independent

Michael had at least one photo featured in the Addison County Independent, the local newspaper of Addison County, VT.



Middlebury College

Michael has acted as an official photographer for various departments at Middlebury College, photographing three sequential Spring Student Symposiums for the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research, as well as Homecoming 2016 for the Office of Communications. Photos contributed by Michael along with several other photographers can be seen at the link below.