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Weekend Poetry

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September 1, 2018

Gowns and Rosaries

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Light wings, furled

in folds like the gowns

of princesses

descending spiral stairs.

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Jewels and gold pendants

upon beaded rosaries

traded for silken skeins

suited only for royalty.


Sipping nectar and ambrosia

from painted bowls

embellished in dustings 

of gold flakes

that fall upon her dress

and sparkle upon her cheeks.

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A breeze rises

below her gown

and carries her away

to drift, weightless

across her kingdoms.

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September 8, 2018

stay with me


I’ll take your hand

And I’ll give it back

But your laugh will

Stay with me

Give me a kiss

And I’ll give it back

But your laugh will 

Stay with me


You’ll giggle your song

And I’ll sing along

And your laugh will 

Stay with me


september 22, 2018




Déjà vu 

That’s how I feel when I’m 

With you

But I’d live this moment a thousand times through

If it meant that I could see it again 

With you


October, 2018


November, 2018

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December, 2018

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