Richard & Ella's wedding

I wanted Richard and Ella’s wedding to evoke something special. I love doing portraits in black and white, so naturally I was going to make that happen for their wedding, with a hundred or more folks flying in from across the country and from around the world.

But when I started meeting and interacting with all of these lovely people I began to have a bit of a revelation. I started to process and understand just how magnetic Richard and Ella are, to have created such strong bonds not just with each other, but with each and every person who showed up, where from close by or from some thousand miles away.

This milestone event was about people, and not just the two beautiful, sharp, and warm ones getting married.

So, I chose to make the photos of the two on their own in black and white (with a few exceptions) because of the humility that Richard and Ella live by, the simple power of love and kindness that imbues their souls.

I hope I did this day justice, and I hope that these photos live on to tell the story of the love that was present here on this day and that will persist for many years of happiness.